I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy (the “Academy”) is an international training academy that forms and trains security and law enforcement units for governments and private entities.

The Israeli Security Academy managers, advisors and instructors include Israeli Government officers, General Security Services’ instructors, and former instructors from the Anti-Terror School (IDF) and the National SWAT Unit.

In order to guarantee the highest levels of standard, the Academy’s instructors are still in active duty, which allows them to bring their experience and ensures the use of the latest methods of operation.

The Academy is divided into Professional Divisions:

1. Security Training and Qualification Division.

The Security Training and Qualification Division specializes in Training security agents and units for a variety of missions. VIP security at the highest levels of performance, sensitive security installations, aviation and airports, ships and harbors for organizations around the globe.

2. Police & Army Unit Training Division.

The Police Unit Training Division specializes in training for Police, SWAT and Army Special Forces Units.The Academyis highly qualified to set up comprehensively trained special units for governments, state authorities, and other entities. Each unit will be especially contrived to fit designated individual customer needs and purposes (anti-terror units, anti-crime units, anti-Kidnapping units, sniper units etc.).

3. Intelligence and Investigations Division.

The Intelligence and Investigations Division specializes in training for police and security units. It provides the personnel with techniques on physical and technical surveillance, information analysis, surveillance, counter-surveillance, and intelligence. Well intended for solutions for industrial espionage undercover agents.

I.S.A.- the Israeli Security Academy services, studied materials, tactics and methods of operation are approved, licensed and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.



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