Securing a site or city requires the ability to distinguish between friend and foe, and in today’s world, that means 24/7 video surveillance. With Opgals’s high powered thermal perimeter security cameras providing unprecedented situational awareness, security forces can now observe, investigate, and if needed, respond to any situation during the day or at night, even in harsh visibility conditions like rain and fog.

Sii AT Fire Detection

The Sii AT thermal camera contains our unique flame and hotspot detection analytics for practical short and long-range fire detection applications. This thermal camera has a huge install base worldwide, with fire detection successes spanning more than a decade.

Accuracii XRU HD

The Accuracii XRU HD is a market-leading dual-channel (thermal and high-definition visible) PTZ camera system,  features one of the longest uncooled focal lengths combined with the highest sensitivity uncooled thermal cameras available in the market. The Accuracii XRU HD has now been operating in the field for more than ten years.

Long-range 25-225mm uncooled thermal imager
HD visible camera
Ruggedized for harsh environments
High-sensitivity <35mK thermal imaging core
Low maintenance requirements.

Sii OP Thermal Camera

The Sii OP thermal camera is our most sophisticated detection system to date, with a suite of cybersecurity features. This thermal imaging camera boasts an incredibly easy installation, including thermal and visual capabilities and ONVIF conformity for seamless 3rd party integration.

Sii XRU Thermal Camera

The Sii XRU thermal camera is one of the longest-range uncooled thermal imagers on the market, featuring a 25-225 continuous zoom lens with autofocus. This thermal camera is available as a standalone long-range thermal camera that integrates simply with other systems.

Border Security

Securing land and coastal borders security requires round-the-clock, all weather, long distance surveillance technology. Border protection surveillance systems need to scan wide areas and identify targets in real time, assessing whether the intruders are illegal immigrants or refugees, smugglers, terrorists or enemy forces. The ability of our thermal cameras to detect human-sized targets many miles away makes them ideal for the requirements of land and coastal border surveillance and protection.

Accuracii XR HD

The Accuracii XR dual channel PTZ camera offers ultra long-range surveillance capabilities and combines an advanced cooled thermal camera and a color day camera on an accurate PTZ unit to deliver 24/7 covert security.

Multi-Camera PTZ Systems

Designed to provide maximum situational awareness and 24/7 threat assessment, Opgal’s user friendly accurate pan tilt zoom cameras help you protect your most valuable assets. With options like HD day cameras, ruggedized systems, and low maintenance long range or high sensitivity ultra-long range surveillance, Opgal’s PTZ thermal camera systems are excellent security solutions for a whole range of requirements and budgets.

Accuracii ML HD

The Accuracii ML HD is a powerful dual-head, multi-channel, multi-sensor PTZ observation system specifically developed for security applications. Featuring a variety of advanced optics, it allows mid-range observation ideal for detection and threat assessment.

Accuracii Mini HD

The Accuracii Mini HD is an effective & covert PTZ security camera, combining thermal and HD visible light channels on an accurate integrated continuous 360° pan, +/- 90° tilt positioner to deliver high quality video 24/7.

Thermal Sights For Remote Weapon Systems

Detect and identify threats and targets with our state of the art thermal sights for remote weapon systems. Improve firing accuracy and enable soldiers to effectively use their weapons in multiple combat environments while minimizing the risk to noncombatant and friendly forces.

Military Thermal Imaging For Defense

Opgal’s battle proven  military thermal imaging defense solutions conform to the strictest military standards for deployment on land, sea, and air. Opgal offers thermal-imaging solutions for both OEM applications and end users, ranging from thermal cores to completely integrated thermal-imaging cameras, systems, and subsystems. Opgal’s technology is based on an open architecture, which makes it suitable for applications such as thermal scopes, weapon sights and stations, gimbals, UAVs, naval observation, IR sensors, and driver vehicle enhancers (DVEs) for tanks and military vehicles. Opgal partners with end users to develop customized solutions that address specific military and defense objectives.