According to I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy vision The purpose of the military is to ensure the implementation of government decisions that require armed action, whether by intimidation or by the use of force, military knowledge and ability

The use of the army is often in order to guarantee its sovereignty of the group or a country from foreign entities (such as enemy states or terrorist groups) is threatening them.

The army’s immediate objectives are:

·      Protecting the country’s borders against attacks by the enemy and protect the lives of the residents.

·      Assault or occupation of the enemy or entity which is a threat to the state or its citizens.

·      Ongoing security operations against terrorist organizations, militias, distillers and other hostile entities.

·      Handling emergencies and mass disasters.

In our concept of building a modern army we divide it into Forces, and divisions, all subject to the command of the General Staff.

Armed forces include the air force, navy and ground forces

Include an intelligence unit with the role to collect information about enemy forces and future threats and to prepare them ahead of time

Ground troops are usually the infantry, where fighting armed with light weapons and armored personnel carriers that form the skeleton of military power and the land used for a variety of tasks

Armored Corps tanks operator is currently maneuvering the main ingredient of modern armies

Artillery and artillery operator is responsible for short-term assistance with fire, medium and long

Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the Breaching assault, ensuring maneuver, fortifications and defense, sabotage and occupation of explosives.

Additional troops are combat support troops, responsible for logistics, maintenance and repair of weapons, ammunition, military medicine and more.


I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy has the knowledge and the experience in training troops and Special Forces. ISA can conducted a military training in the state of customer and special warfare training center in Israel is a comprehensive counter-terrorism, sightseeing, parachuting, sabotage, commando warfare

The use of this unit is for conventional warfare against regular forces, as well as low-intensity fighting and special offers.

Supply of military equipment

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