The personal safety of government officials and key company executives has become an area of major concern to many governments and organizations around the world. These threats emanate from such diverse sources as terrorists, criminals and other extremist groups. 


These threats whether of a physical or impending nature (damage to property, injury, kidnapping or murder) are liable to be carried out by those with criminal motives and by those engaged in blackmail or terrorist activities.


Past experience shows that a highly trained professional, having gained the appropriate experience, gives the VIP’s security agent the professional tools which will enable him to address the risks and take the necessary measures needed in order to protect the VIP.


The Academy is a comprehensive center whose aim is the establishment and implementation of training programs for security agents in the protection of VIPs and their environment whether home, office or vehicle, etc.


The training program is an exclusive one which emphasizes the practical and physical aspects needed by agents in the field. The main goal of the program is to prepare the agents in the analysis of threats to the VIP and in the preparation of the appropriate plan for the protection of the VIP wherever he or she may be. 


The course includes a variety of tactical and surprise exercises which are designed to test the level of skills required by the agent.


The course provides the agent with the ability to analyze security problems and create solutions in real time. The idea is that the agent with the skills that he has been provided during the course will be able to neutralize any threats that arise while protecting the VIP. The course also provides the agent with the ability to prepare the venue for the VIP and provide alternative solutions to any threats which may arise.


The course is primarily offered in Israel, however, upon request, the course may be given in other countries as requested by the client. 




The VIP Course trains security officers in the VIP security, in accordance with the Israeli Security Concept and the use of security tactics and strategies at a governmental level.




General security methods and principles of the Israeli VIP security Concept

The Adversary – types and modus operandi

Securing the VIP and his family in different situations: at installations used by the VIP, while walking, traveling, sports, events, in hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.

Identifying suspects by using body-language, advance activities, security circles.

Technical Shooting:

Operational shooting, according to the Israeli concept.

Training to implement a specific concept for VIP security- combat tactics.

Tactical Exercises:

Exercises walking in formation, alone and with a team, in a variety of situations.

Removing the VIP from the line of fire and rescuing him from a variety of emergency situations to a building, car or other cover.

Simulation exercises of real situations using paint-balls.

Operational Driving:

Provide basic ability to control the car in emergency situations and to improve his

technical driving ability with the goal of obtaining an operation level of escort driving.

Counter surveillance:

Surveillance in the security system

The Operative- Individual surveillance

Surveillance techniques by foot, by vehicle

Martial Arts:

Krav Maga “Israeli Martial Arts” is a method that combines elements from several martial arts in order to provide the security agent with ways of responding in a variety of changing, close-range situations, without using weapons.

Surprise Exercises:

Simulation of situations that is similar to reality, which tests the students’ abilities to handle VIP security situation and events with live fire.


Analysis of Past Events:

Analysis and study of attacks on VIPs, with emphasis on the conclusions of each attack, as related to all of the studies during the course.



Principles for understanding sabotage as a modus operandi of the adversary.

Identification of explosives and mechanism

Methods of search in vehicles and buildings