Unit’s missions :The unit’s central mission is to operate as the main prisoners escort unit. Intervention force of the prison’s services

Prisoners escort:

Operates as the main prisoners escort unit

Escorting the prisoners or detainees in the detention facilities

Escorting the prisoners and detainees to courts and secure them in the courtrooms

Escorting dangerous prisoners to house visits and medical treatments

Bringing prisoners from aboard under an extradition treaty

Security and intervention

 Prison’s services security and intervention force

Maintaining the security and order inside the IPS facilities

Intervention in exceptional incidents inside the prison, with the goal of security and order enforcement

Securing the threatened personnel and their families

Unique operational vehicles

Buses, trucks and motorcycles adapted to escort the combaters mission.

The vehicles are used as mobile prisons transferring dangerous population with high risk of escape. These kind of vehicles operates threw night and day.   

Drugs and hot/cold weapons search

This unit helps with operating wide searches inside prison for detection of hot/cold weapon, narcotics, cellular phones etc.

Training Program

Combat Training – Basic Training

1.General training with different weapons from basic to advanced level.
2.Operating neutralizing weapons including weapons aimed to neutralize the attacker without causing injury

3. Contact combat training (Krav Maga):

   Defense against a knife attack, defense against a stick/object, defense against a pistol,

   neutralizing the opponent by a peripheral attack, drilling of unconventional surprise

   conditions, attacking the opponent with conventional objects (keys, sprays, pen, etc.)

Training Program and tracks security

Establishing tracks and planning their security system adequate to the prison, investigation factors and court’s executive needs.

Dealing with risks and threats while operating, among them:

1.Terrorist attacks planned in shooting outlines and explosives charges in the use of extraction/elimination of prisoners.
2.Physical injury caused the guards by the prisoners
3.Planned or random escape attempts from the escort vehicles and from the courts compound.
4.Mass rioting of the prisoners, terrorists and their families inside the courtrooms.The characteristics of the units’ missions require from the commanders and combaters to reach high operational fitness, professionalism, formation and self- discipline.