Supply of equipment

The organization specialized in providing its customers with all the required equipment . 

Search and Rescue


Search and Rescue dogs



Search and Rescue dogs are trained to work in ruins, rubble, open spaces, forests, side roads, dens vegetation, caves, river and river bends (other terrains are possible by client demand).


The dogs are trained to search independently with handler guides.


Search and Rescue dogs are trained to ignore all interferences in their working area such as:


  • scattered food

  • generators

  • rescuing equipment

  • tractors

  • Working rescuers, night lighting or any kind of other interference on the site.

    Search and Rescue dogs can detect people that are non visible (buried under rubble, on a tree, in deep holes).

    The dogs are trained to pass different types of obstacles.

    The dogs are trained to be lifted, in order to get them to high places.

    The dogs give active response (barking) at the presence of a hidden/ buried live human.


Our partners


Full Service Solution

The company specializes in providing the client full service from the initial stages of the assessment, supplying the necessary equipment and technology, personnel training until fully completion of the project

Israeli Ministry of Defense

The company is licensed and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, including methods of operation and its instructors and advisors