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Air Cargo Security

International security experts agree that cargo has become the weak link in the aviation security chain.

Indeed, since aviation authorities and airlines have invested significant efforts and resources to improve the security of their passengers and aircraft, cargo freight has become a more attractive target for terrorists seeking to harm airlines and passengeres alike.

A wide variety of freight ordinating from a diversity of countries is loading onto aircraft, without sufficient security measures taken to ensure that it does not poses a threat to the flight. The issue is delivered to the carrier through the intermediary of a forwarding agent who has no first-hand knowledge of its contents. In addition, the forwarding procedures often need to be completed very speedily.

ISA intends to counter the wide spectrum of problems by carring out a "cargo security" through an in-depth appraisal of standing security procedures at each relevant station.

ISA's survey aims to achieve the following:

  • Thoroughgoing familiarity with the entire cargo facility and infrastrucure;
  • A comprehensive study of the existing security system;
  • Gain a clear perception of the commercial activities at the facility;
  • Meet with cargo managers, sales personnel, handling company and forwarders' representative;
  • Familiarize themselves with the type of cargo handled, the quantities and methods used to handle it.

After completion of the survey at the station in question. the data will be analyzed, the risks involved will be evaluated and an opportune security system, with complete procedures, will be designe. Moreover, every offort will be invested to ensure that the proposed security system enhances rather than detracts from the current cargo operations.

ISA's air cargo security team can also:

  • Prepare a detailed handbook of all procedures covering cargo and mail handling requirements;
  • Establish a comprehensive training program for the secure handling of cargo and mail.

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