Sniper Course

Sniping is a long-range a precise shooting, sometimes more than 2000 meters, using a specially adapted sniper rifle, that especially taking into account environmental conditions and weather.

Special units of police forces all over the world (such as SWAT or the SWAT units) are using snipers, especially to deal with the situation of the hostages or neutralize armed remotely dangerous. But sometimes turned snipers even in cases of riots and intelligence gathering

I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy training sniper for various missions in accordance with the nature of the unit:

  • Infantry Sniper – He will pass a sniper course, after completion of the regular infantry training course, and also equipped with a unique sniper weapons. He will learn to camouflage himself a few days in the field and pinpoint his targets.
  • Sniper special forces / security – During the training also trained for selective shooting to target that represents enemy between many targets that represent friends or bystanders
  • Counterterrorism Sniper  – Also work by special units of the police. Their training is different. Police sniper must be very a precise and usually do not need to camouflage himself or pinpoint his targets.

The Sniper training almost always is done in pairs, the distribution of roles: Sniper and spotter / detects

The spotter is also a sniper; both have the same training as the spotter must know the work of the sniper to give him the appropriate information. Equipped with binoculars that compatible with sniper’s optics 


The spotter role is very important and has a number of functions:

  • Cover the sniper and protection. Scanning an area and tracking targets sniper
  • The spotter helps the sniper calculation target distance & more.
  • In order to the sniper will be busy just with the shooting to firing with the utmost precision

In addition of precise shooting, both the spotter and sniper also serve as observers that transmit visual and tactical intelligence on enemy movement

The I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy sniper training

Our concept is a good training is of great importance for snipers.

The initial goal is to train the sniper that he can shoot regardless of weather conditions or shooting angle.

The sniper training for several months shooting every day, different ranges, different angles, different weather, particularly the winds

The training will include many areas including:

Ballistics, Telescope, Range estimates, Lens surface correction, Wind diverts and moving targets, Camouflage And shooting in open space, Camouflage and shooting in built area, Snipers intelligence collection techniques

The training programs are unique and multi-faceted. They encompass theoretical studies, given in frontal style lectures, which rely on a wide variety of realization tools, including slides, professional films, relevant pedagogic literature, etc., together with exercises, simulations, bilateral exercises, etc.

All I.S.A.’s lecturers and instructors are permanent members of the Academy’s staff. They are all graduates of Israel’s various security fields (military, secret service and anti-terror units), have extensive experience in their specialist field and are thus best suited to convey the required capacities and skills acquired during many years of practical operational activities against elements of terror and crime.