We help national security agencies detect audience patterns and user behavior using digital advertising data mining and analytics

Advertising Based Intelligence Platform

PATTERNZ allows national security agencies utilize real-time and historical user advertising generated data to detect, monitor and predict users actions, security threats and anomalies based on users’ behavior, location patterns and mobile usage characteristics.

Functional Areas

Use these advanced features from Web interface or APIs


Detect threats in real-time based on history, behavior and location



Track and monitor specific users. Find Points of interest, home zone, work zone, people nearby.


GEO Trapping

Find, get alerts and monitor users who arrive to specific locations



Get the full picture about a user. Locations, apps used, countries visited, frequent nearby users and much more



Find clusters of users in the same location. Monitor and track group activities, movement and locations



Get alerts of users, groups and locations that become or show suspicious behavior based on our Deep Learning technology

Our Technology

Worldwide Coverage

Covers worldwide traffic and all the common advertising sources providing unparalleled amount of data points per user

Real-time analysis

Proprietary technologies and Exabyte scale dataset allow national security agencies to receive the most accurate data in the shortest time possible.

Historical data

In addition to real-time analysis PATTERNZ provides also historical context to each transaction and data point collected about the user.

Exabyte Big Data Warehouse

Built on top of AWS Data Lake infrastructure and showcased in 2018 AWS re Invent, our big data capabilities are practically unlimited to any size and any type of data



PATTERNZ allows national security agencies to monitor and target their audience with surgical accuracy based on behavior, locations and history

Analyzes billions of ad transactions daily and builds user and app profiles

Allows targeting, GEO Trapping functionality for immediate alerts on anomalies on different users attributes in specific geographical areas

Full User Profile

ü Gender

ü Home Address

ü Work Location

ü Device Details

ü Recent Locations

ü People nearby

ü Applications used

ü Countries visited

ü Mobile Operator

ü Co-workers

ü Family members


PATTERNZ – The Only Holistic Platform


Fully commercial and operational AdTech arm that actually trades in media


Analyzes billions of ad transactions daily and builds user and app profiles


Advanced Advertising Intelligence platform built on proven AdTech stack


Send targeted messages, ads or trojans directly through the AdTech stack for optimal results

Get the Full Picture

More than 50 Sources

Connected to virtually any app, on any device, anywhere.

All Ad Formats

Analyzing data from all ad formats: Banner, Native, Video, Audio and more

Relying on Accurate GPS

Analyzing GSP data with 5 decimal points accuracy

700k QPS

Processing more than 700k ad transactions per second to achieve the most coherent data flow.


Get the most up-to-date information in real-time

Cross Referencing

Cross referencing data using Pixel Injection and JS Injection

Integrating with More Sources

Given the access to mobile operators datasets, PATTERNZ can correlate and analyze using PATTERNZ AI platform the ad-tech based dataset together with the operator datasets to enrich the users understanding as well as the number of attributes per users, provide different layers of location and other behavioral information sets that can, together with the ad-tech based datasets, create an unique capabilities that other system simply don’t have.