Hostage taking was, and still is, a common practice of criminal and terror organizations. The evolving nature of such events varies in type and magnitude. With thousands of kidnappings occurring yearly the phenomenon serves as one of the main methods of funding criminal and terrorist's organization.


The combination of the development of operational modes of negotiating with terrorists and the emerging scholarly work - which examines its various aspects -makes terrorists’ practice of extortion a dynamic theme within the context of the global war on Terrorism.


Managing a kidnapping or hostage crisis focus on minimizing the risks to the captives and forming options for their safe release. The primary objective is to keep the hostages alive and to release them as quickly as possible by negotiating an agreed release or, more rarely, by enabling a rescue escape.


I.S.A. Experience indicates that only a systematic, professional, multidisciplinary, coordinated and proactive approach to confronting the risks will minimize potential consequences.


I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy will provide the researched theories, strategies and basic tactics of crisis negotiation.


Students will apply the learning comprehension in simulations of a negotiation case.



I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy content and methodology based upon practical experience, systematic research and in-depth knowledge in a range of Hostage crisis disciplines.

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