prisons intelligence


One of the most important elements in prison security in order to prevent

and to be prepared to crises and irregular events is to operate an

intelligence net work inside the prison.

The Intelligence network has to be operated in multilevel, with an under

cover agent, as well as in a strait connection to the upper level of the

prisoners hierarchy.

The Intelligence department has to have the ability to influence plosive or

negative towards the prisoner in order to collect all kinds of inside

information according to the intelligence needs.



Intelligent equipment

The prison intelligent authority should have the option to an absolute

control over all the communication system used inside the prison,

including the ability to analyze information.

The absolute control should include tipping on any kind of

communications means on one side and to have the ability to block the

communication in accordance with the operational needs.



Negotiating team

Managing a kidnapping or hostage crisis focus on minimizing the risks to the captives and forming options for their safe release. The primary objective is to keep the hostages alive and to release them as quickly as possible by negotiating an agreed release or, more rarely, by enabling a rescue escape.



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