Objective of the I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy is obtaining a good knowledge in debriefing a subject in the field or a closed facility, the ability to verify facts obtained from the subject, the facing off of suspects, studying the proper taking down of information gathered, the methods of debriefing of subjects, the ability of centralizing and crosschecking information gathered.

The qualification will be taught by experienced former members of the Israeli general security services. The course will include intensive field exercises based on the material studied.

The I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy Program is based on theoretical study and practice extensive will include:

·        Preparation: Studying the subject, background, past investigations, investigation material, aids, information sources


·        Intelligence gathering: Principles of surveillance, covert and open surveillance


·        Opening an investigation: Summary, self confidence, lawful investigation possibilities


·        Using investigation aids:   Emotions/ logic, pressure


·        Methods of investigation:  Revealing material gathered, meeting of suspects, building state control, using a mole


·        Technical equipment: hidden and obvious Audio and visual equipment, wiretapping and discovering wiretaps, techniques of operation and use


·        Psychology: Body language, types of suspects, personality of a liar, theoretical methods of dealing with a liar


·        Tactical exercises: practical investigation based on a story of covert surveillance

Operative thought process exercise

Exercise in meeting of suspects together in a face off

Exercise in building a plan of investigation


·                    Personal protection:  Krav Maga, dealing with a subject in an open environment or an interrogation room, preventative behavior


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