The I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy surveillance training forpolice and security units will acquaint the personnel with the techniques of physical and technical surveillance, the studied material will include the various types of surveillance, to use observation posts, how to write reports and how to use hidden cameras.


In addition to these organizations

Our goal is to train the security and intelligence units to identify the methods of collecting information used by the "other side" including various methods of surveillance and observations carried out against us by active observations in the field and by counter surveillance. 


Main elements that include in the surveillance training are:

·   Surveillance Purposes

·   The Operative - Individual surveillance

·   Observation Posts

·   Field and territory knowledge

·   Surveillance techniques by foot, vehicle and motorcycle.

·   Covert Signals

·   Collective surveillance systems

·   Operational driving as an integral tool

·   Self confidence in surveillance

·   The building of cover stories

·   Adaptation to different environments

·   Surveillance in urban areas

·   The use of professional equipment in surveillance

·   Photography as an integral part of surveillance

·   The building of a surveillance report

·   Counter surveillance techniques


The program includes:


Introduction of investigation, preparation to investigation, exercise for the way of asking questions, writing a report, body language, psychologies of the investigation, investigation of more then one object, exercise of method of investigation, electronic instruments in a facility.


The theoretical training issues in class and physical training in the Field.

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