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Crisis is an exceptional event, unplanned, with a potential negative impact on reputation or reliability of the organization,

Crisis could jeopardize the very existence of the organization or inflict severe harm, Prejudice the health or condition of consumers, workers and the environment in general.

Such a situation gets out of control managers.

I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy definition: successful Crisis management is a function guiding how to take over the crisis,

Minimize damage and injury to the reputation of the organization, gaining advantages from the situation.

Crisis includes the seeds of success and failure roots.

I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy provides its customers an array of consultants and experts that will train the managers and will assist the companies

·        Identify and analyze risks.

·        Principles in risk evaluation

Crisis management includes:

·        Exact management of threats and dangers.

·        Creating efficient procedures to control the stocks that might have bad influence on the firms’ image.

·        Checking and testing the researches in order to evaluate the status and to respond before a broader influence will occur.

·        Establishment of response systems designated to minimize possible damage & injuries in crisis situation

·        Preparations of  means & equipment 

·        Instruction  & Training

·        Drills – Simulations – Maneuvering


From our worldwide experience Nature may cause severe consequences on population, companies, institutions governments etc.


These situations usually create a chain of influential happenings primary or secondary that only increase the crisis.

In many cases these disasters may be in a high risk level and damage:

·        Human lives

·        Infrastructures

·        Domestic resources, business resources and national resources& other depending on the event

Natural disasters are usually unpredictable and causes allot of damage and fast that usually lasts a long time. According to the event they leave a long and expensive rehabilitation period.

And there for an efficient crisis management should take most risks under consideration

Implementing plans to prepare a large amount of the population, Implementing drills and integral simulations to verify the efficiency of response to the integral system

When disasters are cyclic, there is a need to create a foundation for an active prevention (from flooding, earthquakes, storms etc.)

To prepare for crisis, to be able to manage it, to reduce damage or prevent it from happening


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