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Facilities Security Course

1.      The academy performs as a comprehensive center, which is designated to develop and implement training study programs for security agents and combatants.

2.      The training program is an exclusive one, which emphasizes the practical \ physical aspect in that field.

4.      The course is fully approved and recognized by the ministry of defense and the Israeli police.

5.      The course is taking place in Israel , however it is also possible to implement the course in the country requested by the customer.


Topics and Subjects to be covered Theory –

·        Introduction to general security.

·        The adversary – types and modus operandi.

·        The Israeli concept – installation security.

·        Security of installations of VIPs.

·        The profile / image of security agent.

·        Identification of suspects and the body language.

·        Procedures and regulations.

·        Security circles; principles; build up; planning; implementation.

·        Basic Anti Sabotage.


Technical Shooting, Combat Shooting –

·        Learning the stages of operational shooting – the Israeli concept. Using pistols, submachine gun, assault rifles.

·        Combat shooting – under pressure in varied exercises.


Martial Arts – "Krav Maga" –

·        Krav-Maga is a concept and method which combines elements from several martial arts.

·        Krav-Maga is close combat without weapons.

·        Krav-Maga is a very important and integrative part of the security course.

·        Krav-Maga teaches trains and examines the following: physical fitness; coordination; aggressiveness; decisiveness; functioning under pressure.


Tactical Exercises –

·        Live shooting exercises based on scenarios which could develop or happen in / near a secured installation, including "surprise exercises" to examine the functioning of the student in an unexpected and problematic circumstance.

·        Combat in buildings – teaches and qualifies the security agent to function in combat conditions – in the varied elements of buildings such as – corridors, staircases, small/big spaces, doors, semi-darkness, etc.


"Duals" –

·        Simulation exercises of varied attack/emergency scenarios in/around secured installations. In these exercises the students will act as the enemy; as the security agents; as the public/crowd etc.

·        These exercises are documented by video camera and later on are being analyzed in class with all the course's students.

·        The Duals are performed with:

A.   Sterilized weapons.

B.   Paint Ball weapons.

C.   Dummy explosives/"Bombs".

D.   More "Surprising" elements.


Portfolio of a Secured Installation –

·        The students will study, research and build a portfolio of an installation – resembling a real secured installation; as well as plan the security system for the installation.

·        The security system will be based on :

A.   Physical equipments/elements.

B.   Security technologies.

C.   Manpower.

D.   Procedures and regulations.

E.    Supervision and control.


Planning Exercises –

·        The overall team is divided into small teams; 3-4 students in each.

·        Each team – simultaneously – is planning the enemies attack against the installation as well as the security plan and response against the potential attacks.


The last session of the course is a presentation of all plans, confronting the enemy with the security (of the different teams) discussions, analysis, debates etc.


 The planning exercises will force the security agents to think and plan like the enemy – while at the same time think and plan the security answers and response. This is a very important element of the Israeli concept and qualification method.

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