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Combat Shooting Course


The course combines advanced combat shooting in accordance with the Israeli security concept and Anti Terror tactics which are used by the Israeli Special Forces.


Stage 1 – General training with different weapons included pistol and rifle, from basic to advance level.


Stage 2 – Surprise combat exercises, different combat scenarios.


Stage 3 – Combat training in buildings, (Intervention)


Stage 4 – Combined exercises


Stage 1


General training with different weapons included pistol and rifle, from basic to advance level.

Technical shooting –

·        Safety.

·        Knowledge and distinction of different weapons.

·        Proper assembly/disassembly of various weapons.

·        Entering positions and shooting during.

·        Drawing– cocking– pointing.

·        Identification of targets.

·        Selective Shooting.

·        Shooting in a standing position.

·        Shooting in a kneeling position.

·        Instinctive shooting.

·        Shooting behind a cover.

·        Changing shooting positions.

·        Overcoming obstacles and faults.


·        Stage 2


Combat exercises, different combat drills.

Operational shooting –

·        Surprise drills.

·        Shooting against a number of opponents.

·        Shooting in open area up to 360°-angle.

·        Shooting on moving targets.

·        Opening of barricades.

·        Night shooting.

·        Combination drills with fast changing from rifles to pistols.


Stage 3


Combat training in buildings, (Intervention)

Operational shooting –

·        Opening doors and entering rooms.

·        Shooting through doors and windows.

·        Combat at staires and corridors.


Stage 4


At this stage the teams will joint exercises simulating complex missions and scenarios. The teams will be called upon to use their training in resolving the different situations.



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