Supply of equipment

The organization specialized in providing its customers with all the required equipment . 

Industrial Security

Today Industry and Companies Facilities are complex structured and exposed more than ever to external and internal threats as:

  • Criminal activities
  • Industrial espionage
  • Industrial Theft
  • National/International Terror

The problematic of these Facilities, is to find a balance between total security and the available budget.

The solutions ISA is giving is a security system based on following steps:

Security Survey

  • In the Survey are examined physical and electronically, the security of the Facility.
  • Upon the completion of the survey, the level of security will be defined

Planning security concept

  • Planning an affective security concept based on security circles,
  • Those provide: Prevention - Warnings - Deterrence

Building Security Systems

The security systems is build up on following essential

  • Intergral Personnel - including security guards and security management.
  • Technology security equipment - physically, technical and electronically devices ( fences barricades, cameras etc. )
  • Procedures and Regulation - Procedures books, reports, exercises and drills

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Full Service Solution

The company specializes in providing the client full service from the initial stages of the assessment, supplying the necessary equipment and technology, personnel training until fully completion of the project

Israeli Ministry of Defense

The company is licensed and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, including methods of operation and its instructors and advisors