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Airport security

Political events of the last few decades have turned airports and airplane into attractive targets for terrorist and criminal alike. Airports encompass a wide range of interests ranging from national, economic, commercial etc. , all of which are often the focus of illegal activity. The dangers stem from such diverse sources as:

  • International terrorism
  • Criminal intentions
  • The counterfeit of documents
  • Smuggling
  • Drugs

To increase efficiency and reduce resouces, ISA proposes to move from individual airline security to a centralized airport security system, which would operate parallel to and in addition to the coverage provided by the police force.

An effective security concept is based on a converging of security circles. The first and outermost circle consists of a perimeter defense system that integrates technical and electronic devices ( fences ) with security personnel. At the more inner circles, restricted areas are defined and control points are established, in order to supervise and oversee passage. In addition, security systems that rely on technical support as well as security personnel are ascertained and secured to inspect Electronic control equipment and trained security personnel ( both in uniform and plainclothes ) have preventive and deterrent function and provide overall protection against terrorism and criminal activity.

ISA offers the following airport security services:

  • Initial survey and risk analysis;
  • Consultation regarding the selection of the optimum system ( at minimum cost ) and integratoin of professional engineering;
  • Training airport staff in the optimal use of the internationally accepted "Profile System" to identify suspicious people and objects;
  • Assist in the design of new airports' infrastructure, to ensure the effective integration of intelligence data, personnel, security measures & equipment, working procedure, training drills and control, to guarantee the optimal security system.
  • Air Marshal's - REcuiting and training quality manpower that fulfill the requirement of the role of an air marshals.

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