Supply of equipment

The organization specialized in providing its customers with all the required equipment . 



The personal safety of key executives has become an area of major concern to many organizations with threats emanating from such diverse sources as terrorist, criminals and other extremist groups and could ultimately effect and well-being of the business itself.

ISA counts among it experts internationally trained security consultants, who specialize in the field of VIP protection. Our experts have all held senior governmental security positions and have operated at the highest levels worldwide.

ISA is able to supply:

·        Compete VIP security teams, including individual security agents, personal bodyguards, advanced security parties and resident security teams;

·        Full training facilities staffed with training personnels;

·        Special risk consultants for the advanced planning of special events, conferences, seminars, etc;

·        VIP security agents;

·        Comprehensive security packages at "turn-key" level.

·        All ISA personnel employed in VIP Protection have been individually selected for their extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

·        These services are available worldwide.



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Full Service Solution

The company specializes in providing the client full service from the initial stages of the assessment, supplying the necessary equipment and technology, personnel training until fully completion of the project

Israeli Ministry of Defense

The company is licensed and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, including methods of operation and its instructors and advisors