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Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs are frequently used for various securities screening task and for anti-terror tasks such as:


·        Vehicle search,cars, truck, buses etc. (on or off leash)


·        Baggage screening


·        Check points screening of people, goods and air and sea cargo screening

·        Clearing of public places

·        Roadside bomb detection


I.S.A. the Israeli Security Academy's K9 Explosive detection dogs Training are based on the following principles:


·        “Quality first” policy based on experience – I.S.A trains its dogs according to the best experience gained by all of our expert trainers, who constantly share knowledge and experience in order to maintain the company’s quality policies.

·        Our dogs are trained on real explosives, both industrial and homemade.

·        Our dogs are trained according to local and global EU regulations.

·        Dogs are trained by expert trainers on specific client requirements.


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