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The organization specialized in providing its customers with all the required equipment . 


Based on the assumption that every project requires a professional eye to look after safety and Security matters.

I.S.A. working method combines the client, the authorities and our experts in understanding the project needs, limitations and risk map.

Following that I.S.A. expert survey will drill down to the risks and threats analyze and form the general security concept.

The security concept will lead to the security plan in which the answers are laid to the survey findings.

Working method

1.      The client: Familiarizing and understanding the client and project in general terms:

A.   Client definition

B.   Project definition

C.   Objectives

D.   Existing or future known threats

E.    Rescue and Emergencies

2.      Survey: Asking all the non-compromising questions, Purpose of the comprehensive survey:

A.   Defining the current status of safety and security of the project

B.   Analyzing the existing risk and threats- risk map

C.   Pointing the weak links

D.   Establishing the right safety and security concept for the project

3.      Cost estimates and time table for the chosen safety and security plan (SSP)

4.       Establishing and implementing the above mentioned SSP

5.      Qualifying ,Coaching and Auditing


6.      Updating and Renewing

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Full Service Solution

The company specializes in providing the client full service from the initial stages of the assessment, supplying the necessary equipment and technology, personnel training until fully completion of the project

Israeli Ministry of Defense

The company is licensed and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, including methods of operation and its instructors and advisors